A small and quick puzzle/strategy game featuring chaw!

TO DO list:

  • better sound effects
  • a level selection mechanism
  • more characters and objects
  • power-ups allowing the player to change objects already in the room
  • more levels


The objective is to reach the target "peace score" in the room. The waiting chaw (at the entrance in the bottom right) will move to the place you click/Touch in the room.

Each level has a specific queue of waiting chaw. You must achieve the target score with these available chaw.

The "peace" score of each cell depends on its occupying chaw. The rules are:

  • Black chaw are the coolest chaw in the universe. Their base peace is 8. No one can reduce their peace!
  • White chaw have a more warm personality. They love black chaw but fear brown chaw. Their base peace is 10, and is reduced by 3 for each bordering brown chaw, and increased by 1 for each bordering black chaw.
  • Brown chaw are agressive. They hate the company of other chaw, specially the active white ones. The base peace is 6. Neighbouring white chaw reduce their peace by 3.

After the rules above are applied, the next rules enter:

  • If a chaw peace score drops to 2 or less by the rules above (and only by those rules), the peace score will drop to 0, and the chaw becomes angry.
  • If there are any enraged chaw bordering a central chaw, it gets -4 peace. This reduction is independent of the number of enraged chaw in the vicinity. The peace will drop to 0 if the peace less or equal than 2, but they will not become angry.
  • If all neighbors of a chaw are black chaw, the central chaw gets a peace of 10 points, and it cannot be reduced even if there are angry black chaw in the vicinity. But this effect can be obtained if there is a single chawcake in the neighborhood!

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